Wednesday, September 23, 2020

LTO pay; How to select remote daily assignments; Brightspace resources and training; Reflection Forms;

Some LTOs Were Paid at Daily Rate 

Given the complications of staffing this month, many LTOs have noted that their assignments have not yet been recognized as LTOs and so their September 25th pay is at the daily rate of $234.40 rather than at the appropriate grid rate. To assist HR in ensuring this is corrected for the next pay date, please make sure:

  • that you have a QECO rating on file with TVDSB (QECO sends the ratings to Teachers, not to Boards)
  • that you have submitted proof of any previous post-certification teaching experience to HR. (Please note that under our new Collective Agreement, daily occasional teaching from another Ontario school board is now recognized - previously only LTO experience counted so some members should have their experience recalculated on a go forward basis.)
  • that your school has submitted a LTO form for your assignment since that triggers grid pay
  • that your LTO assignment appears in TVARRIS

These same recommendations apply to any assignment where an Occasional Teacher replaces the same absent Teacher in the same assignment continuously because on the tenth day, that job evolves into a LTO assignment so pay will be dependent submitting the information above.
In both circumstances, grid pay will be applied retroactively to the first day of the assignment so long as all relevant documentation is submitted to HR by July 31st. 

Remote Learning Assignments 

TVARRIS: Did you know that you can ensure that TVARRIS calls you for   assignments at Virtual Schools?  

In the "Employee Portal", click on "HRS Applications" in the left border and then "Occasional Teachers School Selections". When that opens, look at the "All Elementary London" listings where you will find Elem Virtual schools 1-6. Select these if you feel confident enough to use Brightspace for a remote learning daily assignment.

BRIGHTSPACE: Staff Development recognizes that our members need assistance learning how to use Brightspace and so they have provided a half-day paid PD training module available under "Conference/Session Registrations" > "Elementary Occasional Teacher PD 2020-2021" in the "Employee Portal". 

As well, TVOT members can log into the Staff Hub in Sharepoint and from the main page there, type "Brightspace" in the search bar at the top, and you will find additional video resources on using this tool. (The Staff Hub is accessible from the same place you log into the Employee Portal or from "Outlook" where you can click on the 9 dots at the top left beside the TVDSB logo.)


Reflection Forms for Violence Awareness Training and Paid PD

The Reflection Form is a google documents so to access reflection forms, you need to first log into your gotvdsb account - eg. (with #### being your TVDSB ID number). The password is the same password you use for the Portal. You can fill in the form online and submit it electronically so be sure to include a date you did not work so that you can be paid. Reflection forms trigger payment for participation in paid PD.

Payment for Covid-19 Training
The Board is still processing the names of those who completed the mandatory online Covid-19 training and so payment for this will not appear on this week's pay, nor will payment for completion of the paid half-day Violence Awareness training appear this week. 
ETFO Provincial releases Covid-19 Update #15
Those who have registered for ETFO Provincial's e-newsletter (at will be interested to see the FAQ section in this newest edition which includes: changes in assignments, concerns about physical distancing, school ventilation etc. 
Your TVOT Local highly recommends that members register to receive these updates to keep abreast as information evolves during the pandemic.

Provincial Petition 

Provincial ETFO President, Sam Hammond is asking members to sign a petition asking the Upper Canada School Board to put an end to its requirement that Teachers teach both in person and remote students as a cost-saving measure. This does not put students first.

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