Wednesday, December 18, 2019

About PD and PLDF; Last Blog for this Decade!!!

Work to Rule and PD
To be clear, elementary Occasional Teachers in TVDSB are still allowed to participate in paid PD opportunities, regardless of when these are offered and even though we are engaged in a provincial Work to Rule in support of ETFO bargaining.
Access to paid, self-directed professional development is something that was bargained for the benefit of our membership to 1) enable Occasional Teachers to seamlessly take over for an absent permanent Teacher, and 2) in recognition that our daily rate is divided by 194 teaching days, when in fact daily OTs do not work on PA Days.
Be sure to regularly check the Board Employee Portal under Conference Registrations to ensure you earn while you learn by taking advantage of the 4 half-days of paid PD to which you are entitled. Remember you must reserve a half day for the online mandatory training which will be posted in May, 2020.  These days count for all purposes as time worked.
Contact the office at for further clarification.

TVOT Professional Learning Development Fund (PLDF)
Reminder to those of you who have applied for the Professional Learning Development Fund Subsidy - if your course is over or will complete this month, verification documentation is due within one school month after course completion.  
We are impressed with the number of members who have applied for the subsidy- Keep up the great work!
 Office Closed
Your Local TVOT Office will be closed for the Christmas break at end of day, Friday, December 20th and will reopen on Monday, January 6, 20290.

On behalf of your President, Terry Card and your TVOT Executive,  we would like to wish everyone a restful, joyful and meaningful Holiday break and a Happy 2020!

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Great Fall General Meeting; Don't be in the Dark - Register;

Fall General Meeting 2019
Thank you to all the members who joined us for a beautiful festive meal at the Lamplighter Inn.
What a pleasure for our Executive to meet and speak with so many of our members and a special thanks to everyone who brought donations for Merrymount Family and Children's Crisis Centre. We had three heaping tables this year. These donations mean the world to those using the facilities - many of whom are the children we teach every day.



Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Great Fall General Meeting; OSSTF on the picket line; Thursday is Red for Ed; Fee increase

Festive Fall General Meeting
What a pleasure it was to meet so many new members at tonight's Fall General Meeting.
Thank you to the Lamplighter Inn for a lovely festive dinner and our sincere appreciation to the many TVOT members who heaped 3 tables with generous donations to Merrymount Family and Children's Crisis Centre. We look forward to delivering these items tomorrow, where they will benefit the children our members teach throughout Thames Valley.


OSSTF Takes to the Streets
Your Local and several of our TVOT Executive were pleased to join our OSSTF colleagues on the picket line this morning as secondary Teachers fully withdrew their services for a one day strike.
OSSTF District 11 President, John Bernans welcomed ETFO Thames Valley Teacher Local President, Craig Smith and TVOT President Terry Card at Saunders Secondary School this morning where we joined OSSTF Staff in protest.
TVOT members are reminded that we too are in strike position.  ETFO Provincial's Work to Rule Phase 1 strike protocol is mandatory so please call the office if you have any questions.
CUPE's recent negotiations with this government proved the effect of consistent pressure and community support.  As experts on the front line of education, it is up to us to spread word about the impact of cuts to education.
And there is no shame in asking that our wages keep pace with the cost of living - we cannot keep falling behind.

Red for Ed is now Thursday!
To avoid conflicting with those who wear red in support of our armed forces, the Teachers and Occasional Teachers of Thames Valley have decided to move wearing Red for Ed, to Thursdays.

Warning from Ontario Teachers' Federation/OTF
The regulatory body for Teachers, OCT/Ontario College of Teachers is budgeting for a $20 increase in our annual fees, effective in January. 
College expenses are expected to increase by 4% so this 13% increase is unnecessary, especially as this will add another $1 million to their substantial $7 million reserve.
Ontario Teachers protested OCT's last proposed fee increase so members are urged to voice their concerns via Twitter and social media once again.
Let you Teacher colleagues know - together we are stronger!