Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Keep in the Know

You can keep up to date by reading the Provincial ETFO Stewards' Mailing electronically at  The September 19, 2014 edition offers support and guidance to all it's membership.  Numerous Provincial Conferences are available in areas of special interest such as Special Resources, Training for Presenters, Equity Workshops, Project Overseas, Information regarding Saving The Planet during Women's History Month and Thriving in a Challenging Workplace.  Details and Registration forms can all be found at

Also, included in this edition is the September PRS MATTERS dealing with the difficult topic of: ALLEGATIONS INVOLVING CAS AND/OR POLICE What to do if it happens to you ...
ETFO and your Local are here to support and assist you through an Allegation and related investigations should they occur.

We are pleased to let you know that the 2014- 2015 ETFO - TVOT pocket calenders are on their way.  All members on the list will receive theirs.  Please ensure your address is correct under your personal information via the Employee Portal.

Your Local reminds you that we all have a part to play in our democracy. Find out about the candidates for municipal and school trustee elections. We encourage all members to be an informed voter on October 27th.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Designated PA Days and TVARRIS notes

Designated PD Days:
As a Thames Valley elementary Occasional Teacher, you are entitled to 4 half days of paid professional development on days when you would not otherwise be able to earn money. These count for all purposes as a day of work. This year, one of these days will be allocated for mandatory training.  The required modules will be posted no sooner than April 2015 so modules that you see posted before that date are not required for elementary Occasional Teachers.  Your options for the other paid day include self-directed PD; Staff Development's online modules available by registering on the Employee Portal; or attendance at the PA Day held at your favourite school (with the Principal's permission).  Consider any of these for the October 11th PA Day or subsequent Board PA Days.  Forms and further details are available on the Staff Development website.

To ensure TVARRIS is most effective:

1) Book off on TVARRIS when not available so the system does not bog down calling people who cannot work that day.  There is no penalty for being unavailable so long as OTs teach 5 full days to remain on the OT List;
2) Recognize there will be many half-day jobs and with so many balanced schools, it might not be possible to put together a full day of work;
3) Consider taking late calls.  As stated in the Collective Agreement, is an OT "arrives within a reasonable time of taking such late request", he/she will be paid for the full assignment.

Pocket Calendars and September Newsletter:
Calenders are at the Printers and will be mailed to all ETFO - TVDSB Occasional Teachers at the end of the month along with your first newsletter of the year.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

News and "Save the Date"

If this first week back to school is any indication of how quickly time flies, we had better hold tight.

We are pleased to advise that we are, once again, providing our members, with a copy of our ever popular ETFO Thames Valley Occasional Teachers' Local pocket calendar for the 2014- 2015 school year.  They are currently at the printers and it is our intent to have them in the mail by the end of the month along with a hard copy of the Fall issue of our newsletter, The Supply Line.  In view of taking on a "Green" and cost-effective approach, future issues will be available on our website only:   All current members on the list will have these mailed to the address listed. This would be a good time to verify that your personal information is up to date on the Employee Portal.

We will once again, be offering the Book Rebate Program to all our members.  This year the amount you can claim has been increased to $40.00.  Details and the claim form required will be available on our website under Useful Documents shortly.  This is a wonderful opportunity for you to purchase relevant professional books and be reimbursed for their costs.  Don't forget these resources must be relevant to your teaching profession.

We have also arranged for several PD events, the first scheduled for October 30th, 2014 at the Best Western Lamplighter Inn, 591 Wellington Road S, in London.  These events are held after school from 4:30PM- 7:30PM and a light dinner is provided.  You must register to attend this event. Registration is necessary for several reasons.  We need to provide the presenters with numbers so they are better prepared and most provide hand-outs/ resources to all participants as well as providing the venue with numbers so that ample seating and food is available to all those attending.
We understand that cancellations occur- we ask that you cancel your reserved spot on-line, or communicate with our office as soon as you learn that you need to cancel so that another member can take your spot.  Seating for these events is limited and we typically have a waiting list.  We appreciate your consideration in this regard.  

Registration will be open shortly on the ETFO - TVDSB OT website at under Member Services.   Over half of our membership have accounts on our website but there are still some of you who have not yet set up your accounts.  You will be missing out on important information pertinent to your career.  All communication, forms, advisories from ETFO Provincial, notices, etc, will be distributed on the website under Member Services which is a secure site.  You must have an account set up to access it.  Please remember to use your personal email when signing up as it is inappropriate to use the Board's First Class email system for Union business.  As always, do not hesitate to contact our office should you have any questions or require any assistance in setting up your account.

We are here for you.


Thursday, September 4, 2014

Wednesday's Blog on Thursday OOPs

Welcome back to a promising new school year and to our weekly blog.

End of the 2% Penalty
As you recall, when ETFO signed the Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Ontario on June 12, 2013, there was a provision to eliminate the 2% penalty a previous government had imposed on our members and to restore our salary to parity with the other Teacher federations, effective September 2014. Daily Occasional Teachers never experienced this penalty since the daily rate included a salary allowance (Article 7.01 of the Collective Agreement).  Long-Term Occasional Teacher Salary grids have been adjusted and the changes will be reflected on the first pay.

Vacancy on Local Executive
As your Local begins a fresh term, we find ourselves short 1 Executive member. Please consider applying for this position using the form found on our website . This promises to be an exciting year as we embark on our first round of bargaining under the new two-tiered process legislated by Bill 122.

Designated PA Days
As a Thames Valley Occasional Teacher, you are entitled to 4 half days of paid professional development. This year, one of these days will be used for mandatory training with the required modules to be posted no sooner than April 2015. The other paid day may be used for self-directed PD so consider using October 11th or any of the subsequent TVDSB PA Days to register on the Employee Portal for Staff Development's online modules or ask the Principal if you can attend the PD offered at your favourite school that day. Forms and further details are available on the Staff Development website.