Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Save the Date!

Registration will soon be open for our next PD event taking place at the Stoneridge Inn and Conference Centre on Tuesday, February 21, 2017 from 4:30 - 7:30 PM.

All ETFO-TVOT website members will be notified by email as to when Registration will be open. If you do not have an account on the website, you will not receive the email.
To create your account, go to and follow the prompts. Don't hesitate to contact our office should you require any further information.

Thank you to participants and presenters alike who attended our beneficial PD Event on January 19 at the BMO Centre.


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Highlighting Article 18; Inclement Weather

L18.01 a)  The normal responsibilities of an Occasional Teacher are to fulfill the teaching duties of the Elementary Teacher being replaced.

b) The School Administration shall endeavour to provide for an Occasional Teacher arriving for an assignment the following in-school information. It is understood that this information will generally be located in the individual Teacher's daybook.

  • a timetable for the Occasional Teacher's assignment (including supervision periods)
  • a schedule identifying period times
  • a floor plan of the school (if available)
  • the school Code of Behaviour and special classroom discipline procedures
  • information on how to obtain necessary equipment
  • names and positions of individuals who can provide assistance
  • an up-to-date class list
  • name(s) of high risk student(s) and any applicable special programme(s)
  • Name(s) of student(s) participating in special in-school support programmes with the time and place where they receive that support
  • name(s) of student(s) transported by bus and/or taxi
  • an up-to-date seating plan (where applicable)
  • a general outline of classroom routines which includes washroom, attendance and entry and dismissal procedures
  • planning for the first day of an absence
  • computer and generic passwords
  • all keys necessary to the assignment
  • the provision of safety plans of students that an Occasional Teacher could reasonably expect to come into contact with
          In addition, fire drill and emergency procedures will be located within the classroom.

c)  The Occasional Teacher shall endeavour to provide written feedback to the Teacher being replaced at the conclusion of the occasional assignment. Such feedback will generally include comments on the progress of lessons taught, problems encountered and where appropriate, successes achieved and marks for work completed by students within the occasional assignment.

Recent changes to TVDSB's inclement weather policy, has schools remaining open in inclement weather even when buses have been cancelled. Often the result is that many students do not make it to school on such days and Occasional Teachers at these schools are called on to teach collapsed classes. Should you find yourself in such a situation please ensure:
1) you are not being asked to supervise an unreasonable / unsafe number of students and
2) that the timetable of the Teacher you are replacing is being honoured i.e., that you still receive the prep periods of that Teacher and that you take on no additional supervisory duties.

On snow days, LTOs may access the "Act of Nature Days" provided under Article L9.04 (b). This means that if the weather between the LTOs home and their work site, prevents them from getting to work safely, they have access to up to 3 days per year. Note: there is a total of 5 days for act of nature and care days so the act of nature claim would be deducted from this total.

Article L10.08 states that a daily OT or a LTO who is delayed by the weather between their home and their work site but who arrives at school as soon as possible during the school day, he/she will be paid for that day of work.

Paramount in all of this, is that Occasional Teachers, whether daily or long-term, should always exercise good judgment to ensure that they can arrive at work safely during periods of inclement weather.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Local should you have any concerns or questions regarding inclement weather and the above provisions of your Collective Agreement.

We look forward to seeing over 110 members at tomorrow afternoon's Professional Development Event at the BMO Centre from 4:30 - 7:30 PM.
We have had a few cancellations so please go to the Local's website to register.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Happy 2017 and Upcoming Professional Development Event

Welcome back to all members. We hope everyone had an enjoyable and restful Holiday break and that we are all ready to get back to the classrooms!

Registration for our upcoming PD Event on January 19, 2017 at the BMO Centre is almost full. There are a couple of spots remaining in
workshop 2 : DPA for the Occasional Teacher and
workshop 3 : Power to Explore: Grades 4 - 6 Nutrition and Healthy Living.

These are always beneficial events that participants greatly appreciate. Avoid disappointment and register at
Just a reminder for those who have Employment Insurance concerns that TVDSB now submits a full day of work as 8 hours so be careful that your calculations are accurate.