Wednesday, June 26, 2019

It's Mandatory; LTOs on June 28th; Don't Lose $500

It's Mandatory for all Occasional Teachers/LTOs!
Whether you are daily, or in a long-term assignment, you must complete the online training modules listed in the Employee Portal under Employee Training, then 2018-2019 OTE Required Training.
Please note, Mandatory Training must be done by end of school, June 28, 2019.
Be sure to click Submit when you have completed the modules. To verify it's been received, log back into the Employee Portal and if the check marks are still there, it's been accepted.
LTOs and June 28th PD Day
Our office has received many calls about whether or not LTOs are to attend school on June 28th.
If your assignment has a posted end date of June 28, you are expected to report to the school where you will work and be paid according to your FTE.
For LTOs with unposted end dates, if no permanent teacher is coming to replace you that day, you are expected to report to the school where you will work and be paid according to your FTE.
Last Chance for almost $500!
Daily OTs have access to 5 half-days of paid PD.  At this late date, the only options are online modules listed in the Employee Portal in the Conference Registration section. These can be done anytime up to the end of day on June 28th, and count for all purposes as a day of work,  including for credit for the 10 days necessary to remain on the OT Roster, credit for Teachers' pension, experience credit for grid placement, Employment Insurance etc.
NB. For purposes of Employment Insurance, the Board reports a day if work as 8 hours.
Please note this will be the last BLOG for this school year.
The ETFOTVOT Office will be closed over the summer break. 
The office email will be checked weekly.
If you require Provincial Assistance, please call their number directly at:
On behalf of your President, Terry Card and the Executive, wishing you all a restful, safe and enjoyable summer.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Employment Insurance and End of Year Library Books

The Board would like to remind Occasional Teachers that all Records of Employment will be sent electronically to Service Canada by Payroll Services. Employees do not need a hard copy of their Record of Employment to apply for Employment Insurance. Payroll Services will process the mass Records of Employment Insurance purposes by July 18, 2019.

For purposes of Employment Insurance only, TVDSB reports a full day as 8 hours.

Important Notice for Teaching Staff - 2019

Applying for Employment Insurance Benefits

As teaching staff, this notice will provide you with information and help guide you through your application for Employment Insurance (EI) benefits.

You may be eligible for EI regular benefits if:

  • your teaching contract has ended and you are a teacher at a pre-elementary, elementary, secondary, technical or vocational school;
  • you teach on a casual or substitute basis; or
  • you had employment other than teaching.
You may also be eligible for other EI benefits as long as you meet the conditions for each benefit.

** Please do not use a 16-digit reference code to submit your application. **

When to apply

Apply as soon as possible after you stop working. Do not wait until you get your Record of Employment (ROE) to apply. If you wait more than four weeks after your last day of work to apply, you may lose benefits.

If you have had a recent claim

If you have received EI benefits in the past 52 weeks or if you have an existing claim, we will reactivate your claim once you submit a new application.

If you want to start a new claim instead of reactivating your existing claim, contact Service Canada  at 1-800-206-7218 before you start.

If you are applying for the first time or want to start a new application

1. Visit for information on EI benefits and eligibility and to apply online.
2.  Make sure you have the information below when you begin your application:
  • your social insurance number (SIN);
  • your dates of employment;
  • your banking information for direct deposit.
3.  Complete your online application. After you apply, we will also need your ROE.
  • If your employer submits electronic ROEs to Service Canada, you do not need to provide them to us.
  • If your employer issues paper ROEs, you must get copies of all ROEs issued in the past 52 weeks. Submit them to Service Canada by mail or in person as soon as possible.
Next Steps

A benefit statement and access code will be sent to you

Service Canada will mail you a benefit statement with a four-digit access code once your application is complete. You need this code and your SIN to inquire about your application and to submit biweekly reports. If you have applied in the past, you already received an access code. You will not get a new one. Use the access code you already have.

Receiving the EI benefit statement does not mean that Service Canada has made a decision about your claim.

You must submit biweekly reports

Depending on which benefits you applied for, you will need to keep a detailed record of your job search and submit biweekly reports to Service Canada. In these reports, you must:
  • show you are available and looking for work;
  • declare any income; and
  • indicate which days you are not available for work (for example, when you are on vacation).
When payments start

Before you can receive any payments, you must submit a first biweekly report using your access code. There is usually a one-week waiting period for which you will not be paid before you start receiving benefits.

You will receive your first payment about 28 days after you apply if you are eligible and have submitted all required documents.

Sign up for My Service Canada Account (MSCA)

With MSCA, you can check the status of your application. You can also:
  • submit your biweekly reports;
  • view and update your personal information;
  • find out when your payments start and end;
  • view your electronic ROEs or confirm that they have been issued;
  • sign up for direct deposit or change your direct deposit details.
Visit to sign up today.

If you have any questions, contact Service Canada at 1-800-206-7218 or visit .


If you have borrowed any resources from our Library, please make sure you return them before the end of the month.    

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Clarification re: payment for mandatory online modules

You will see a half day job appear in TVARRIS on June 28th once the training has been processed.   Processing was done on May 31st so if you completed before then and are eligible, you should see a job for June 28th in your TVARRIS.  The location of the job will be HR 1 and the reason for the job will be PD. Additional comments will include OTE Mandatory Training. Do not remove this job or you will not be paid.

Future processing dates will be June 13th and July 2nd.  All jobs will be processed by July 2nd!

If you have deleted the job or have completed the training and do not see it after processing dates, please contact Charlene Hofbauer at ext. 20506.

The following modules are posted in the Employee Portal as OTE training:

Anaphylaxis & Asthma Management Training Video
Asthma Metered Dose Inhaler Resource Video
Concussion Awareness PART I (June Safety Spotlight) (Mandatory)
Concussion Part II - Response, Management (June Safety Spotlight) (Mandatory)
September - Emergency Codes and Asbestos Awareness (Mandatory)
October - Fire Code Training 2017
November - Ladder Safety Awareness (Mandatory)
December - Slips, Trips and Falls (Mandatory)
Video 1 - Violence Awareness & Handling Violent Situations
Module 3 - Post Incident Review & Documentation
Module 10 - Working Late
Module 11 - Handling Cash
Module 12 - Workplace Design
Module 13 - Recognizing and Coping with Aggressive Behaviour

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Action for Friday June 7; Wage Cap Legislation; and PLDF Process over the Summer

To plan a coordinated response and a united message on June 7, ETFO is asking all locals to alter the #RedForEd actions for next week to mark a year of cuts.

Along with the other education affiliates, we are encouraging members to wear black. Black was chosen to signal that we, the people of Ontario, are mourning a year of devastating cuts to education and our public services.

To make this action successful, we need your help to inform members about this action to wear black on Friday, June 7.

In addition to wearing black on June 7, members are encouraged to participate in a workplace action and share a message on social media. Let's give this government a report card and a failing grade for its actions and plan that are putting corporations over children and their future.

Here are three ways that ETFO members can send a united message Friday:
1. Wear black on Friday, June 7
2. Organize an action, in your workplace, with a small group, or participate as an individual to issue Doug Ford a report card and give the government a failing grade. Share your group photo and report card on social media, and use the hashtag #Fordisfailing.
NOTE: ETFO will provide a template report card that can be downloaded and printed from the website.
3. Challenge your friends, family, and parents to participate. Let's send a strong message online and use the hashtag #FordisFailingOntario

In our region, a bus from the OPSEU Regional Office at 1092 Dearness Drive, will leave at 3:30 to take participants to MPP Jeff Yurek's office, 750 Talbot Street in St. Thomas. That protest runs from  4 PM - 6 PM. Your spot on the bus can be reserved at

For those from the Woodstock area who are not working June 7th,  protests will gather from 9 AM to 10:30 AM in front of MPP Ernie Hardeman's office at 12 Perry Street.
These government actions must stop before they destroy the Ontario we all cherish.  Let's be part of the noise that draws their attention!

Please join us in sharing information with your colleagues about the united action to wear black next Friday.  Together we can continue to make a difference and defend public education.

Wage Cap Legislation is Here!
Once again, Teachers' democratic right to negotiate a Collective Agreement, has been threatened.  This is one more step in eroding Ontario's public services. Check out ETFO Provincial's response at:

The TVOT PLDF Subsidy

The TVOT office will be closed over the summer break in July and August. For those of you who are completing your PLDF approved courses in June, we will make our best effort to process your subsidy before the end of the month PROVIDED you submit the required documents for your application, namely; proof of successful completion and receipt of payment for the course (if it wasn't initially included with your application). Otherwise, your subsidy will be processed when we return from the break in September.
The 1 school month requirement for these required documents will be extended for you as well to the first week of September.

It is a good practice to read through and familiarize yourselves with all requirements stipulated on application forms in order to avoid disappointment.


Wednesday, May 29, 2019

2018-2019 Book Rebate - Last Chance; ETFO Summer Academy 2019; TVARRIS Job Shopping: June 7 Power of Many

ETFO's Summer Academy 2019
is here and registration is now open - Courses will fill up very quickly!
This year the ETFO Provincial workshops include over 45 practical courses across the province, facilitated by dynamic Teacher presenters. Courses are planned to meet our professional needs.
The selection includes topics such as literacy, mathematics, engaging the learner, kindergarten, technology, well-being and a variety of other learning areas.

For more information about these July and August opportunities, check out the
ETFO2019 Summer Academy website
Time is up on Friday - 
May 31st is the deadline to send in your request for our $50 Book Rebate program.
Some members have emailed or faxed their documents to the office prior to mailing their originals so their paperwork will be in by the deadline.  Don't forget the purchase for the book(s) claimed, needs to be dated within the previous 60 days.
Application Forms are found on the etfotvot website under "Useful Forms and Documents" in Member Services. Don't miss out on this opportunity before our books close for the year!

Once again, the TVARRIS system  allows job-shopping, both online and by phone.
For Phone access: call 1-888-209-3162 and follow the prompts
For Online access: log into TVARRIS, go to the "Available Jobs" tab then enter your date range. Click on "Details" to review the job, then decide whether you wish to "Accept" or "Decline" the position.
As always, the job is only assured as yours if you have the Job Number.
Please contact your OT Office if there are any difficulties.
Nobody Voted for This!
June 7th marks the first anniversary of the Ford  government's cuts to public services. Funding to all sectors, including education and health care has diminished and we are all affected, especially our most vulnerable citizens. 
The Ontario Federation of Labour/OFL has organized a province wide protest June 7th.

In our region, a bus from the OPSEU Regional Office at 1092 Dearness Drive, will leave at 3:30 to take participants to MPP Jeff Yurek's office, 750 Talbot Street in St. Thomas. That protest runs from  4 PM - 6 PM. Your spot on the bus can be reserved at

For those from the Woodstock area who are not working June 7th,  protests will gather from 9 AM to 10:30 AM in front of MPP Ernie Hardeman's office at 12 Perry Street.
These government actions must stop before they destroy the Ontario we all cherish.  Let's be part of the noise that draws their attention!
Everyone Belongs Survey
The Thames Valley District School Board has developed a survey to collect the demographics of their employees in accordance with the Ministry of Education's Equity Action Plan.
Your TVOT Local encourages all members to take a few minutes to complete this brief online questionnaire which will be available until June 28, 2019 at

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Paid PD Workshop, Book Rebate Subsidy Deadline drawing near

Paid PD Workshop, June 7th - Earn while you learn

The local has worked with TVDSB Health and Safety to present some key information that OTs may want to know as they move through day-to-day, school-to-school and LTO assignments. This session will be considered as a half-day paid PD under the collective agreement.

This is a great opportunity for OTs to learn and seek clarity on policies and procedures that you may be part of in school environments.

Topics include:

  • Safety Policies/Procedures. Checklists and Forms
  • Emergency Information Sheet for Occasional Staff
  • Safety Plans for the Management of Aggressive Behaviour along with case studies
  • Employee Accident Incident procedure and Investigation
  • Environmental Testing
  • Employee Mental Health
There will be 2 morning sessions and 2 afternoon sessions.  The locations are the Quality Inn in Woodstock and the BMO Centre in London.

Register under "Conference" in the Employee Portal.

For more information, please contact:

Charlene Hofbauer
Coordinator, System Staff Development
Thames Valley District School Board
519-452-2000   ext. 20506
The deadline to submit your Book Rebate Subsidy Application offered by ETFO-TVOT is May 31st.  Don't forget the requirements listed at the top of the page namely:

 1) a completed application form and 
 2) the original receipt (purchased within the previous 60 days)
You can access the application form on the ETFO-TVOT website under useful documents in Member Services .  Go to:

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Spring General Meeting and Banquet and Resources available to you!

We are very excited to welcome and see all our registrants at this afternoon's Spring General Meeting and Banquet in the Crystal Ballroom at the Best Western Lamplighter Inn. It's hard to believe we're nearing the end of the school year and have much to celebrate and plan for in 2019-2010!

From ETFO Provincial, the following are Resources specific to Occasional Teachers that you may not have known about:

ETFO AQ Course:  The Occasional Teacher
This course will focus on the knowledge and skills necessary to be an effective occasioanl teacher. It recognizes that occasional teachers may face additional challenges in their professional lives because of the nature of the occasional teaching role.

I Am the Teacher - Effective Classroom Management for the Occasional Teacher
Experienced practitioners show you how to establish an effective presence in the classroom and school, connect appropriately with students, and establish routines and procedures. This resource outlines student expectations, classroom and behaviour management techniques, and useful instructional practices. To purchase a copy please visit ShopETFO.

The Occasion to Lead:  A Resource Guide for Occasional Teachers
Written by occasional teachers for occasional teachers. The Occasion to Lead is a must-have resource that will provide you with hands-on knowledge about everything you would ever want or need to know about our profession. Note: This resource is no longer available on the ETFO website. You can request the resource by going to the Ontario Teachers Federation (OTF) website

The Heart and Art of Teaching and Learning
The Heart and Art of Teaching and Learning is a book that is full of practical tips for beginning teachers on: setting up your classroom, classroom management, building inclusion, working with parents, meeting diverse learning needs and occasional teaching.

A Member's Guide to Employment Insurance
This resource addresses several issues pertaining to employment insurance.

ETFO Professional Judgement Matters:  The Occasional Teacher Evaluation
Professional judgement guidelines for the occasional teacher evaluation and the teacher performance appraisal outlines the scope with which members can utilize their professional judgement during the evaluation and appraisal process.

ETFO Professional Relations Matters Bulletin Volume 99: Occasional Teacher Evaluation Process
This document was designed as a guide for school boards to develop an evaluation process for long-term occasional teachers (LTOs).

ETFO Occasional Teacher Website
Whatever your assignment or role as an occasional teacher this ETFO site can support you with resources, tips and tools, and classroom experiences. From a quick work sheet to a long-term plan, you'll find it here.