Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Mandatory Requirements and June 26th

Daily Occasional Teachers must complete the 13 Mandatory training modules by June 26, 2015, for which they will be paid a half day of daily salary.  The WHMIS Review/Annual Offence Declaration/IT Security are also due that day as a condition of remaining on the OT List.

LTO's are generally expected to be at school June 26th and will be paid according to the FTE, unless the Permanent Teacher is returning that day.

Click on the above link to view Sam Hammond discuss the latest status in Bargaining.

Please ensure your Residential Contact Information is current with the following:

  • the Board (via the Employee Portal under your "Personal Information")
  • ETFO - Thames Valley Occasional Teachers' Local (
  • ETFO Provincial :  (on the right hand side click on "Quick Links" then go to 'Member Update' - 'Contact Information'
  • Ontario College of Teachers
  • Your Apply to Education Account (if applicable)
If you haven't registered on your Local's website please go to under Member Services.  Please register using your personal email address as it is inappropriate to use the Board's First Class for Union Business nor is it private.  By doing so you will have access to your Local's services, programs and communications. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Local Protest and June 26th

June 26 and You
Daily Occasional Teachers must complete the 13 Mandatory training modules by June 26, 2015, for which they will be paid a half day of daily salary. The WHMIS review/Annual Offence Declaration/IT Security  are also due that day as a condition of remaining on the OT List.

LTOs are generally expected to be at school June 26th and will be paid according to their FTE, unless the permanent Teacher is returning that day. LTOs may use that time to conduct an inventory of classroom supplies, store items for the summer, remove classroom displays, research pedagogical issue, do research etc.  However, LTOs must also complete the 13 Mandatory training modules (many of which will have been completed at staff meetings) and LTOS must complete the WHMIS review/Annual Offence Declaration/IT Security by June 26th as a condition of remaining on the OT List.  If you have any questions, please contact us at the OT Office: 519-641-3936. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

June 26 Deadline for payment
The TVDSB mandatory training modules for elementary Occasional Teachers must be completed by June 26th and you will be paid for half a day. To access the training modules log into the Employee Portal then by Staff Development and Training then click on "Mandatory Training" for the modules listed below:
  • Module 2 - Handling a Violent Situation
  • Module 3 - Post Incident Review and Documentation
  • Module 4 - Safe Schools and Employee Roles
  • Module 5 - Harassment
  • Module 6 - Work Refusals
  • Module 7 - Management of Aggressive Behaviour
  • Module 10 - Working Late
  • Module 12 - Workplace Design
  • Module 13 - Recognizing and Coping with AB in a School Setting
  • Mental Health Safety Spotlight
  • Mental Health extra video: I had a black dog; his name is depression video
  • Concussion
  • Anaphylaxis (based on Sabrina's Law)
You must click on “Submit” at the bottom of the page once you have completed each module.

WHMIS Review and Office Declaration and ITS Security
In addition to the noted mandatory training modules, all Occasional Teachers must complete the annual WHMIS Review and Office Declaration and ITS Security in order to remain on the OT List.  Links to these modules can be found through the portal under personal information.  

Getting Ready to Retire
ETFO has posted a new webcast online called "Getting Ready to Retire - for Teachers".  The focus of the presentation is the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan (OTPP).  To access this online learning opportunity, visit

Here is how EI works this year:
One of our TVOT members would like to pass along this new information about Employment Insurance in our area.
For new employees:  To be in a position to qualify in the future for regular benefits, new entrants need 910 hours of insurable hours.  Apply anyway using the group code 3511012015201506 noted in the OT Conference on First Class.  (Code is valid until July 24.)
Returning claimants presently need 700 insurable hours (100 working days) to receive regular benefits.
This number, (based on current unemployment rates), is in effect until July 11.  OTs who did not work for 100 days can refer to the following site on July 12 and apply then if the number of hours required goes down.  Use group code.

For more information we recommend you visit:

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Building Better Schools and Onsite AQ Course

Building Better Schools: Smaller Classes Mean More Time For Every Child

This postcard addressed to the Education Minister provides an opportunity to engage parents and community members about the importance of class size and the one-on-one time every ETFO member spends with students. Your package contains one postcard per member in the school. 

The challenge to members is to use this as a prompt to engage a supportive parent or community member. On the website anyone can also send an email version of the postcard to their own MPP as well as the Education Minister. 

For more information, please contact James Taylor, extension 2337,, at the provincial office.
Part Two Onsite AQ Course in Thames Valley

ETFO is offering the Kindergarten Part Two Onsite Additional Qualification Course in Thames Valley this summer.  Because of the condensed timeframe, candidates will be have an opportunity to become immersed in the subject. Registration closes for onsite courses on June 20, 2015 and interested applicants can access the information and registration by visiting the following link: 


Inline image 1

ETFO’S Summer Academy 2015 is here and registration is now open.  These 40 three-day professional learning courses are offered in partnership between locals and the provincial office throughout July and August. The Summer Academy registration site includes course descriptions and information about dates, times, and locations across the province. Please share this information with your members. These practical and dynamic courses fill up very quickly!

See the link below to the Summer Academy 2015 registration site:

ETFO Thames Valley Occasional Teachers' Local
521 Nottinghill Road, Suite 8
London, Ontario  N6K 4L4
Phone: 519-641-3936
Facsimile: 519-641-6838
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