Wednesday, June 27, 2012

You Never Know Who You'll Touch as a Teacher

With a couple of days left to the 2011-2102 school year, this will be the last Wednesday Blog until we are back in September 2012. 
In reflecting upon various experiences shared by our members, it is important to be reminded of how truly beneficial our work is.  As I have listened to your stories and reflected on my own experiences in grade school, I vividly remember the kindness and support shown by my Teachers.  Often times, we don't ever see the impact our caring and efforts which may be difficult at times, but every now and then there will be a smile of thanks, a spark, or a poem written where we know "they got it" and we had something to do with it!  
Whatever your reason for having chosen the respected profession of teaching Elementary children, know this is an important job to be taken very seriously- every life you touch today can go on to wonderful things and wouldn't it be nice to hear them say, "It was because of my Teachers in elementary school".
On behalf of your President, Terry Card, the Executive and myself, we wish you a good summer holiday and remind you to complete the 13 modules of the Manadatory On-Line Training due June 29.  Please note once accepted as completed by the Board, payment will be included in the pay of July 13, 2012.  
Best wishes for a wonderful summer,
Debbie Laxer
Executive Assistant

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Job Prospects for Teaching in Ontario

Since 2001, the Ministry of Education has contracted with the Ontario College of Teachers to undertake a comprehensive study that looks at newly certified Ontario Teachers.

The study of spring 2010 Faculty of Education graduates found that more new Teachers report that they are unemployed in their first school year than ever before and more are taking up alternate work.

Almost one in three education graduates of 2010 who looked for teaching jobs in the 2010-11 school year said they had no success at all.

The rate of underemployment in education has increased by more than 100% since the statistic was first gathered in the 2006 study.

The rate of unemployment in education has increased by more than 1000% since the statistic was first gathered in the 2006 study.

Less than 25% of 2010 graduates had secured a contract teaching position of any type, well-below the 70% level in 2001.

Certified Teachers experience the highest rate of unemployment, with 40% of them not able to find teaching jobs of any type.

More first-year Teachers are now working in non-teaching jobs, either as an alternative to teaching or to supplement part-time or supply teaching.

Many FSL Teachers are now resorting to part-time teaching jobs in the first year.

It is clear that the Ontario Teacher surplus is getting worse NOT better. Overall, the annual number of new Ontario-certified Teachers has fallen by more than 1,500 from the previous high point in 2008 - but remains almost 3,000 above 1999 levels.

For further details, check out the March 2012 edition of Professionally Speaking magazine published by the Ontario College of Teachers and available electronically at

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

All ETFO Member Information Meeting and Vote

The ETFO Thames Valley Occasional Teachers' Local is calling an emergency meeting for all OT Members,  June 7, 2012 at the request of ETFO Provincial.

All Occasional Teachers, Local Executive members and Collective Bargaining committee members are requested to attend. LTO's will vote at their schools Thursday or Friday - One member, one vote.

For questions regarding your attendance, contact Local President Terry Card at or 519-641-3936.

There is still time to register your attendance by emailing

The BMO Centre is located at 295 Rectory Street in London by the Western Fair Grounds.

On another note, you are reminded to review the TVDSB Footwear Procedure under Policies and Procedures on the Thames Valley District School Board's homepage  In addition to the requirements for specific instructional areas, all employees must select footwear that: ensures adequate protection against injury to toes, has non-skid soles, fits snugly and either encloses the foot or secures the heel with a strap, is flat or has a maximum two and one-half inch (2.5") heel.

Flip flops, beach shoes, slippers, clogs, molded plastic, "gummy" shoes and footwear with wheels are not appropriate. Shoes with spiked heels and platform shoes with soles greater than 1 inch are also not allowed.