Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Strong Public Education, OCT Information, Teachers and Copyright:Fair Dealing Decision Tool

On a biweekly basis, Human Resources facilitates a transfer of data with Ontario College of Teachers to ensure that we have the most up-to-date qualifications listed for Occasional Teachers. The data exchange includes a teacher's OCT number, date of birth and name.

If there is a mismatch of data, the records do not update. Human Resources finds that the greatest mismatch of data stems from the name field. If you have a different name with OCT than with TVDSB, your qualifications will not update within the process.

If you have a name change and to ensure that your qualifications are reflecting as you apply to assignments through Job Applications, please be sure to update your name so there is a match with OCT and TVDSB. Within Thames Valley, your name can be changed through Personal Information in the Employee Portal.
The Fair Dealing Decision Tool helps teachers decide whether "fair dealing" permits classroom use of print materials, artistic works, or audiovisual materials without first getting copyright permission. The tool helps teachers determine whether a specific intended classroom use is allowed by the Fair Dealing Guidelines (/fdg/default.aspx).

Teachers! Thinking of using a copyright-protected work? Use this tool to find out if the use is allowed under fair dealing.

Please click on the following link for assistance:


Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Salary; Self-Directed Paid PD; TVARRIS calling; Pregnancy Leave; 20th Anniversary

Salary as TVOT
Just a reminder that the first pay of the year is September 28th for days worked from the 2nd to the 15th of the month.  Your pay statement will be available on the Employee Portal and note that it is shown on 2 lines. For a daily OT the first line is $226.37 and the second line adds 4% vacation pay for a daily rate of $235.42. This is pro-rated if the assignment is less than half a day, but there is nothing less than .5.
LTOs need to submit their QECO rating and proof of any previous teaching experience (prior to TVDSB) to Corissa Parker in HR to ensure accurate placement on the salary grid.
Self-Directed Paid PD
Registration to attend the Board's upcoming Paid PD sessions of the year are almost full, however, in the Conference Session Registration of the Employee Portal, there is a choice under Elementary Occasional Teacher PD (2018 - 2019) called Self Directed. This option enables on Occasional Teacher to attend, with permission from the Principal, the day or half day of professional development that is being offered to permanent Teachers at the school.
Please note that LTOs or part-time permanent Teaches who are in assignments of greater than .5 are not eligible to participate in paid PD, since they are already being paid for PD days.

TVARRIS Calls and Comments
Sometimes the call-out systems calls to cancel an assignment so you are reminded to answer when the system calls because such a call counts as due notice so long as it is sent out with a minimum of 2 hours before the assignment.
Make sure your school selections and timetable are up to date and please block off those days when you are not interested/available to teach.  There is no penalty for "booking off" so long as you meet the 10 days of teaching required to remain on the OT Roster.
And just to be sure you don't forget a previously booked assignment, we advise you regularly review your assignments in TVARRIS.

Pregnancy Leave
Whether you are in a long-term assignment or a long-term assignment, TVOTs are to request their leave from the Board using the form in the Employee Portal - Electronic Forms "Application for Pregnancy Parental Adoption Leave - ETFOOT".
Remember that our Collective Agreement provides in L36.11 (b) that when you return you are eligible to have your seniority adjusted based on the average number of days worked per year since your date of hire.
To find out more about the Employment Insurance aspect of such leaves you can check out ETFO Provincial's:


Want to learn more about the organization 
founded to represent you 20 years ago this year? 
Check out your history:

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Paid Personal Leave & Political Action / Social Justice - Equity Committee

In accordance with changes to the Employment Standards Act (ESA), TVDSB has implemented the Personal Emergency Leave (PEL) providing eligible employees with up to two (2) paid emergency leaves per calendar year.
The entitlement to a paid PEL day may apply for a Daily Occasional Teacher when a previously scheduled assignment needs to be cancelled due to an emergency/urgent situation.
Daily Occasional Teachers who have been employed for at least a week with the board can access paid PEL days for reasons such as:
 - Personal illness, injury or medical emergency; or
 - Death, illness, injury, medical emergency or urgent matter relating to the following family members:

  • Spouse (married or unmarried);
  • Parent, step-parent, foster-parent, child, step-child, foster child, grandparent, step-grandparent, grandchild, step-grandchild of the employee or the employee's spouse;
  • Spouse of the employee's child;
  • Brother or sister of the employee;
  • Relative of the employee who is dependent on the employee for care or assistnace.
Paid PEL day requests must be made in "good faith" (i.e., the application needs to be made based on reasonable and potentially verifiable circumstances) and the emergency/urgent situation needs to have happened after the job was booked, not the reverse.

Daily Occasional Teachers in need of such a paid absence can find the "Personal Emergency Leave Form" in the Employee Portal under electronic forms. Once completed, these forms are to be submitted to Human Resources for approval.

Executive member Cindy Webb has contributed the following;

Do you have a passion for building a just society? Have interest in social justice and equity issues? Love to teach and travel? Are you available for the month of July? ETFO fully sponsors 16 members to participate with Canadian Teachers' Federation on Project Overseas. Please see the link for details.

Applications are now open for members who have taught for 5 years. Application deadline October 31st.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Welcome Back,ETFO Assessment Website, PLDF Subsidy and the Pocket Calendar

Welcome back everyone! Here's hoping everyone had a wonderful summer break and that the new school year will be a stimulating and fulfilling one in motivating and making a difference in the lives of your students.

Your President and Executive have been busy planning and are ready to represent the membership according to their mandate - don't hesitate to call on us with questions with regards to employment and collective agreement matters- we are here for you.

Sharing in Assessment Website

The ETFO assessment website has been given a total refresh and update this spring 2018. A variety of practical new tools have been added including some specifically designed for our ETFO occasional teachers.

The website continues to reinforce our strong position on the importance of teacher professional judgement and the value of daily classroom assessment. It will help members enhance their understanding of assessment and learn new strategies proven by their peers in the classroom.


We are very pleased to announce that the PLDF subsidy will again be available to members AND the maximum amount that will be paid out has increased to $350.  The modified application form will be updated to the ETFO TVOT website shortly.  Please read through all requirements to ensure you qualify.

For those members who have applied for PLDF subsidies at the end of the last school year. We are processing them and will be in touch shortly with payments or with requests of missing documentation.

Once again we will be sending the ETFO Pocket Calendar for the 2018-2019 School Year. The final information is being incorporated and it is our hope to have them go out at the end of the month.  In the meantime, please take note of the following school names changes:

Port Stanley Public School has reopened as "Kettle Creek Public School" reflecting the consolidation of Port Stanley Public School with Sparta Public School, which closed June 2018.
Kettle Creek Public School is on a balanced day schedule.

Sparta Public School  has reopened as Eva Circe Cote French Immersion Public School - Elgin County's second French immersion public school.
Eva Circe Cote French Immersion Public School is on a balanced day schedule.