Wednesday, May 25, 2016

TVOT Executive for 2016 - 2017; $40 Book Rebate deadline: ETFO Responds to Auditor General's Comments

The results from the Spring General Elections for the ETFO - TVOT Executive for 2016-2017 are:

Terry Card - President / Chief Negotiator
Nancy Springer - First Vice-President
Vivek Nath - Second Vice-President
Kevin Utley - Treasurer
Gina Droppo - Secretary
Nicole Henderson - Health & Safety Officer
Meera Jain - Executive Member at Large
Sheri-Lynn Honyust - Executive Member at Large
Sarah Pye - Executive Member at Large
Shasta Tunks - Executive Member at Large


Deadline for your $40 PD Book Rebate Application is fast approaching.  All applications must be received by May 31st. You can find the application at website under: Member Services, Useful Forms/Documents.

Again, we advise all members to have accounts on the website to keep apprised of all current information and to be able to participate in various rebate programs (PD Book Rebate, PD Learning Fund)  available to you as ETFO- Thames Valley Occasional Teachers.


ETFO Responds to Auditor General's Comments on Allocation of PD Funds to Unions

Here is an excerpt of President Sam Hammond's response from the Toronto Star of May 20th:
"...the Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario and its predecessors have provided PD to Ontario's public elementary teachers since the 1950s.
While school boards do provide some PD, the Education Ministry has long recognized that ETFO's professional development model is more efficient, practical, extensive and equitable than school boards could possibly deliver.  Our PD is developed by academic and classroom teachers for teachers making it relevant to current curriculum and classroom needs.  School Boards do not have the human capacity to deliver sustained and practical PD and many recognize this by partnering with our locals to deliver ETFO created PD for educators.
ETFO has always maintained rigorous accountability and reporting mechanisms for the professional development funding received from the government. .."

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Tomorrow's Meeting; ETFO Assessment; Free Apps for OTs from Teachers' Pension

Tomorrow's Meeting
Your Executive is looking forward to meeting everyone who has registered for tomorrow's lovely dinner and Spring General Meeting at the Lamplighter Inn.  There have been a couple of cancellations so if you are a TVOT member, have become available and wish to join us, please call us at the office to register: 519-641-3936. There are plenty of door prizes to go around.

ETFO Assessment Website
ETFO has created a very practical new website called ETFO Members Sharing in Assessment (  The website reinforces our strong position on the importance of teacher professional judgement, the importance of classroom assessment and the information that teachers gather on a daily basis.  This new site is an opportunity to help members enhance their understanding of assessment and learn new strategies and approaches that are meaningful, well-organized and utilized by their peers in the classroom.  ETFO Members Sharing In Assessment was developed by members for members. Members have the opportunity to choose what strategies and tools work for them and modify them to meet their daily needs. New practical tools will be added to the site moving forward.

Free Apps from Your Pension Plan
The Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan has released new apps that might be of interest to members:
Classtime - a free mobile app available from Google Play and the App Store to help Occasional Teachers track of where and when they worked, as well as when they get paid.
Worklog - a free mobile app for iPhones and Android devices to help re-employed Teachers keep track of their days anywhere and anytime so as not to exceed their 50 day teaching restriction.
BabySteps - an aid to figuring out maternity leave buyback payments and deadlines.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Bargaining, Mandatory Online Training and More....

Debriefing After Last Round of Bargaining
Provincial ETFO is seeking feedback from our key stakeholders in order to reflect upon and evaluate the 2014 collective bargaining process.  Presidents and Chief Negotiators participated in this debrief at the Collective Bargaining Conference in March. ETFO will now be seeking information regarding the 2014 bargaining round from our members through a short online survey.

The survey will be open until Monday, May 16 (ending at 5pm) at

The link is also posted on ETFO's main website ( , and in ETFO's member-only Collective Bargaining Facebook group.

Mandatory Online Training Modules;
TVDSB has now posted the mandatory training modules for this school year. Log in to the Employee Portal. On the right hand side you will see "Staff Development & Training" and under the heading is "Mandatory Training". Open this for the 2015-2016 OTE Required Training and be sure to click on "Submit" as you finish each module. If your completed modules have been received, the check mark will still be in place the next time you log onto this section. Completion must be done no later than June 30th if you want to be paid for .5 of a day.

2015-2016 OTE Required Training
OTE required training for 2015-16 school year must be completed by June 30, 2016 (with payment by July 22nd, 2016). Confirm electronically the completion of each module. Note the WHMIS, Offence Declaration and ITS Security Declaration is accessible on the main page of the Employee Portal under the heading "Personal Information".

Module 2 - Handling a Violent Situation
Module 5 - Harassment
Module 6 - Work Refusals
Module 7 - Management of Aggressive Behaviour
Module 10 - Working Late
Module 12 - Workplace Design
Module 13 - Recognizing and Coping with Aggressive Behaviour
Mental Health Awareness (May Safety Spotlight)
Concussion Awareness PART I (June Safety Spotlight) (Mandatory)
Concussion PART II - Response, Management (June Safety Spotlight) (Mandatory)
Anaphylaxis Awareness (March Safety Spotlight)
Fire Code Training
Emergency Codes and Asbestos Awareness (Mandatory) (September Safety Spotlight)
Ladder Safety Awareness (Mandatory) (November Safety Spotlight)
Workplace Violence Hazard Assessment Survey, 2016-2017 (Voluntary)

Earning an Extra Day and a Half Salary
Your Local has negotiated that TVOT members have the opportunity for 2 days of paid PD per year, one half day of which is to be used for the mandatory training referred to in the preceding paragraph. (N.B. For those who are in part-time LTO or partial contract, your PD entitlement is pro-rated based on your LTO or contract FTE. For example, if you're in a .5 LTO or a .5 FTE contract teacher, then your entitlement is pro-rated to two half days i.e., 1 full day).  For details, log in to the Employee Portal. On the right hand side under "Staff Development & Training" is "Conference/Session Registrations" and in there are listed the options for Elementary Occasional Teacher PD 2015-2016. This time counts for all purposes (including EI credit, pension credit, seniority etc.) as time worked.

TVOntario - Teach Ontario This online resource is a collaboration between the Ministry of Education, the Unions and TVO to provide education resources and professional learning opportunities developed "by teachers for teachers."

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Bill 115 Decision; TVOT Spring Banquet; ETFO AQ courses; 2016 Census

We Were Justified!
You may have noticed the full page ETFO ad in Saturday's London Free Press celebrating the Ontario Supreme Court Justice decision that Bill 115 was a violation of the Canadian Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms.  We invite you to view the above message from ETFO President Sam Hammond.

Local Spring Banquet and Elections
Thursday, May 19th at London's Lamplighter Inn is the date of the TVOT Spring General Meeting. We would love for  you to take this opportunity to  meet some of the other elementary OTs who are out in TVDSB schools. - they truly share your experiences. Join us for a lovely meal and perhaps win one of the door prizes.  Nominations have closed and the list of candidates for your 2016 - 2017 Local TVOT Executive is now posted on the Local website

ETFO-AQ Just a reminder that registration for ETFO summer Additional Qualification courses opened April 25th and will close on June 22nd.  Courses run from June 22 - August 5th and TVOT members who have been with us for longer than 1 year are eligible to apply for the Local's $150 PLDF subsidy (Professional Learning Development Fund).  Applications are available on the Members' Section of our Local website

Census- Proud Community SupporterETFO Supports Canada's 2016 Census and reminds members that completion is mandatory. The data collected remains confidential and informs all levels of government and many social services as they plan social services. transportation, education etc.