Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The LTO List; 2012 -2013 OTE Mandatory Training; Updates

The LTO List
The Local has been made aware that most of those members who were interviewed for the TVDSB LTO List were not successful.  Our ETFO lawyer has asked us to collect some additional information so we urge all unsuccessful OTs to email the Local at so that we can begin advocating on your behalf.

Mandatory Online Training
The following is a list of the mandatory online training modules required for OTs to complete by June 28, 2013:

  1. Module 2 - Handling a Violent Situation(s)
  2. Module 3 -  Post Incident Review and Documentation
  3. Module 4 -  Safe Schools and Employee Roles
  4. Module 6 - Work Refusal
  5. Module 7 - Management of Aggressive Behaviour
  6. Module 12 - Workplace Design
  7. Module 13 - Recognizing and Coping with Aggressive Behaviour in a School Setting
  8. Attending A TVDSB Site
  9. Routine Practices
  10. Anaphylaxis (Spotlight)

Don't forget to scroll down and click "Submit"when done a module. A red confirmation sentence will appear and the check mark will remain in the corresponding boxes of completed modules next time you log in.  We suggest taking a print-out of the page as a back up, signing out and logging back in to ensure the check marks remain.

SMARTboard Training
Congratulations to all those who have registered for our beginner and advanced sessions of workshops at Woodland Heights and thank you Kevin O'Neill for providing our members with this technological assistance.

You may be aware that ETFO has continued negotiating with the provincial government these past few months. Since our revamped website will not be available until September, we advise members to check this Blog for updates as they become available.